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Our natural gas training courses provide comprehensive instruction with lecture and real-life examples that bring the entire gas and power market complex to life.

ASPE-Energy's natural gas curriculum ranges from basic industry fundamentals to physical natural gas trading. Through our partnership with EMI, our natural gas training courses provide attendees a thorough understanding of the entire natural gas industry, from wellhead to burner tip. Attendees benefit from learning the essentials and key factors that make up bothtoday's and tomorrow's gas and power markets.

We approach the industry across four major aspects:

  1. Origins and destinations of natural gas
  2. Exploration through distribution
  3. Buying, selling, and marketing
  4. Transportation

Our natural gas training courses explore the intertwined relationships of:

  • Market macro- and micro-fundamentals
  • Purchasing and selling methodology
  • Producing and marketing
  • The various market relationships that impact the everyday aspects of the business

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